Carters Steam Fair

Carters Steam Fair


TOKENS We sell tokens at the fair for 50p each, or in advance online HERE where you can also benefit from our free ride offers. We take tokens on all the main rides and sidestalls, but please be aware that some travelling guest attractions take cash. The main rides are priced as follows:

Austin Cars: 4 tokens per person
Train Ride: 4 tokens per person
Toytown: 4 tokens per person
Mini Octopus: 4 tokens per person
Scenic Dobbies: 4 tokens per person
Big Swingboats*: 4 tokens per person
Little Swingboats: 4 tokens per person
Steam Gallopers: 5 tokens per person
Jungle Thriller Ark: 5 tokens per person
Chair-o-Plane*: 5 tokens per person
Steam Yachts*: 5 tokens per person
Dive-Bomber*: 5 tokens per person
Giant Octopus*: 5 tokens per person
Dodgem*: 6 tokens per car (cars can hold two people)

* Height restrictions apply

Rides vary depending on availability.

Terms & Conditions

Carters Steam Fair now takes tokens for all rides and games (unless stated otherwise). Tokens cost 50p each and are non-refundable and have no cash value. You can buy tokens online in advance up to midnight the night before your visit (and benefit from free ride offers) or on the day of the Fair. We take credit and debit cards at the Token Booth, and there are machines around the Fair that exchange cash for tokens. Food stalls take cash.

“Share this poster with #CartersSteamFair for a chance to win a day at the fair worth £50”Seen posters like this around town? Take a picture of one and post it online to tell your friends the fair is coming to town (and enter the free prize draw). Make sure we know about it by tagging us or using the hashtag #CartersSteamFair. Winners will be notified using the same means you entered, so keep checking your messages! The prize is a 'Family Day at the Fair’ (Free Ride vouchers, worth £50) for the location shown on the poster. 


  1. Went to this comfy place recently, just the right temperature, good lighting and great experience. I am glad that I finally got a chance to check out this place.
    best nightclub nyc

    1. Please don't promote in the Steam Fair's account. I want to see reviews on a Vintage Steam Fair not your stupid night club.

  2. The price of the rides is abit high!!!!!!

    1. @pally - these are beautifully restored vintage rides that you'll be fortunate to find anywhere. Fair goers are able to enjoy because of the Carter family's commitment. There's no charge to walk-thru and admire this antique spectacle and the price of participation, to me at least, seems very fair to be a steward of the Steam Fair.

  3. I am an American, who was visiting London with my family last weekend. We saw signs for the Steam Fair in Putney and the cobbler there saw me snap a pic of the sign and gave us "Free Ride" coupons. We took the 22 bus to Fulham and arrived at the fair - STUNNING!

    The efforts of the Carters are amazing - my children were amazed at the rides - I was agog. So well restored and the hospitality of all the operators was wonderful. Games where everyone gets a prize are a thing of the past and you have preserved that spirit, too. And, when there were no lines at most of the rides, so the operators allowed the kids to ride and ride.

    The vintage pinballs and penny arcade was astounding - so many examples! The hand-crank kiddie rides were a very unusual thing to see as well as the steam powered rides. Most attendants probably have no idea of the cost and technical knowledge required to operate vintage steam engines - THANK YOU CARTER FAMILY.

    I am so grateful to have seen your fair and that my children have seen it - something I've only heard of here in the states.

    Many thanks and best wishes to all of you.

    J. Comfort and family
    Washington, DC - USA

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